House extensions Info

If you are considering a house extensions, costs will be the biggest factor. But you also need to be aware that there will be some disruption in the home for a while. Having builders inside the house for any period of time can be annoying. You will also have a lot of work on with clearing the room to be extended, then re-decorating afterwards.

So be sure that:
a) You can afford it (to check this fill the form in on the right to get some quotes online).
b) You really need a home extension. Try having a big clear out and rearranging some furniture to see if you can make do with the current space.
c) Are you ready to put in the hours that will be needed with planning, clearing space, re-decorating? And can you put up with the upheaval for weeks?

If you still want to go ahead, then its time to start planning your new space. Use House Extension Quoter (on the right) to get some prices. You will get up to 3 free quotes from local house extension contractors to you.

The planning part is the fun part. There are some good interior design magazines which have some excellent ideas. Be nosy when you are a guest in other people's homes too. Once you have decided what you want make sure you check the budget accurately. Allow for extra costs in your budget, there is often something you under estimate or forget about.

Make sure that your plans are within the law. Some projects will require planning permission. Check with building contractors and if unsure contact your local housing council office.

To avoid disappointment always assume things will take longer than expected and as already said, allow for extras in your budget. Good luck with your new house extension.