Roof Cleaning Service in Manchester

Generally I advise using the 3 quote system by filling in the widgets but I wanted to share with you all about a company I used recently for gutter cleaning in Manchester.

I am now "in my 60's" and have always taken pride in doing DIY myself at home, but climbing up a ladder once a year to clean out the gutters is feeling more and more dangerous. My eyesight isn't what it used to be, so I recently use Sale Exterior Cleaning.

They quoted a surprisingly reasonable price and had a big vacuum machine. It soon sucked up all the gunk in my gutters and the whole job was over surprisingly quick.

I couldn't resist taking a peek myself afterwards and was happy to see that had done a better job than I ever did. So from now on that is one job I will be leaving to the experts. It is not worth the risk or effort when there are good firms around like this who can take care of gutter cleaning for a reasonable rate.